Spanish permanent residence card

Spanish permanent residence card: Typically delivered only to residents having fulfilled all the required conditions. We offer you registered genuine documents for sale at our store. Click here to check more

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Spanish permanent residence card

Spanish permanent residence permit (español: Permiso de residencia) it is the most important document you should obtain if you are thinking about moving to Spain for more than three months. Our team of agents who specialize in Spain immigration matters can assist all individuals who have been employed and have lived in the country for this period of time. You can rely on us if you want to immigrate to Spain and need assistance in applying for a residence permit.

There are some common activities/procedures you can carry out on residency:
Register at the Spanish social security to have healthcare
Get employed
Register a business
Other legal economic activities

In addition, some of the Spanish residency benefits you will obtain are:
Renewal of your driving licence into Spanish.
Obtain your local pensioner’s card (if you are on a pension).
Get your Spanish health card covered by Spanish social security (you can get it on an NIE if you’re employed in Spain though).
Permanent residency

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